Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yakuti Collection

Introducing the first collection of 'Headressing' from Curried Myrrh, the Yakuti Collection.
 Inspired by and in tribute to the Turkic people. Clothing and headwear for tribal people was not only a means of protection from the elements and a means of artistic flair, but also had the sacral function of a mascot. Its patterns and totem decorations were meant to protect the wearer.
Hand crafted from mill end faux furs, repurposed vintage furs, discarded upholstery swatches and antique and vintage jewelry and buttons.
Wearing a Yakuti headress is not only warm and protective from the elements, but truly a powerful symbol mirroring  the beauty and complex creativity of the indigenous people of our world.

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  1. ahh...what loveliness...these headresses truly are amongst my favorite articles of clothing, for which i thank you. soon i shall be posting on my blog these beauties, and introducing you to many who are awaiting your appearing. blessings on all the fruits of your hands!
    with warm love,