Friday, March 18, 2011


It is a moment in time that one conceives an idea. In between breath and blink, a flash; a realization, an incarnation of what has been only an imagination. It is a delicate moment, vaporous; or, perhaps, substantive.
The stuff of dreams, the kind that are realized. It is this 'stuff' that I address on my first post for Curried Myrrh.
That is my mother, making straw hats in Denmark in the 40's. Because 'Far' (her father) believed it a good idea, and an opportunity. They had moved from Copenhagen to a 100 yr old farmhouse in the country, and needed to make a living. Far designed the frame that Alice (my mother) built the brim of the cap on. They went to harvest the straw at a neighbors farm, my mama said; 'with socks over their shoes for boots'. Yes, my
mother said that. How amazing to be linked with this heritage in this day, I think. 
A heritage, a bloodline, a heartsong, destiny.
I know that the visions written upon our hearts lie deeper even all of the perceptions than we have within us.
They are divinely breathed, and birthed when ready.
I couldn't imagine beginning this blog in any other way than proudly showing my history. How ingenious, and clever, and brave. This is my tribe.

Thank you to Uncle Hannes who scanned these photos.


  1. and what an incredible history it is...that breath of life from the Creator into our first parents, and throughout the generations into your gifted grand-parents, and then your amazing father and mother into the artisan that you are...such an intricate weaving of creative life it is. so perfectly designed and ordained that they would bear much fruit and that the fruit would remain through you, my beloved friend and sister in Christ.
    may this blog glorify Him in every way.
    may it bear much fruit through the realms of blogland and beyond.
    blessings in the Highest~
    love & joy~

    (when i saw the first photo of the girl weaving i thought you had found a vintage likeness of elsa, your daughter!)

  2. Wow..I looked at this photo of the blond girl and thought it reminded me of my self in her looks..and so familar..then I read she was from Denmark!!

    My family and great grandmother lived near Skagen the top of Denmark. Where did your family live? I go there sometimes..


  3. PS did we take a class at with Misty Mawn at Art and Soul together?