Saturday, May 31, 2014

That Wedding Thing

How can one help, in the month of June, not to notice that 'love is in the air''s a time, anxiously awaited, with much preparation - for the 'big day'....that momentous moment called the wedding....


All around the world, from the beginning of time, women seek to adorn themselves for that glorious day. And besides the gown, what one wears on the head seems always to be of the utmost importance and speaks volumes of the woman - of her way and her grace.

Whether it be an elaborate tiara and veil, and tender circlet of beads, or an intricately woven headpiece...a headpiece is not only a definition of personality, but also an expression of  the wistful dreamings often personified and manifested on the bride at her wedding.

I love making bridal pieces. Unique and quirky, elegant and dreamy - 'a crown of glory'....

Whether your wedding is in the spring, summer, fall or winter, there are wonderfully creative ways to adorn your head, and the heads of your flower girls, bridesmaids, and..?

I love using elements from the brides' history-heirlooms kept for that special purpose-and then repurposed into something contemporary and fresh. Fabric, jewels, chains, beads, pendants....pieces collected, received, traded for, found in travels - bits and moments pieced together in a beautiful headpiece to accent your gown and speak of your heart.

Let me know how I can design and create something for your special day...

Woven fabric "Flapper" style with wood button

Flower halo's in all colors and flower species for brides and flower girls, bridesmaids and....?

Custom beaded circlet with vintage jewlels, chains and feathers

Flower and Feather Halo
Flower and Feather Halo with Beads

Beaded Halo
Copper Circlets...with green beads, with crystal accent

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